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Hailing from our Nations’ capital, pop recording artist NE Means has been dubbed “King of the Club” by critics and fans alike. A triple-threat; NE Means displays music industry swagger, the looks & height of a runway model and a celebrity personality.

When asked about the influence of his music the artist responds “I make music that appeals to the masses, puts smiles on people’s faces and makes them dance”.

With a deep and powerful voice as the driving force behind all of his songs, N E Means is also a master at developing electrifying and melodic choruses. And with his diverse collaborative experiences w/ various featured artists he has learned to strike a perfect balance between commercial sound and lyrical content.

NE Means is signed exclusively to Produce Records a global subsidiary of The Atlas Network, LLC.


http://www.youtube.com/producerecords http://www.twitter.com/produce_records
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